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Global superstar and human Christmas tree Taylor Swift was flipping through her fan mail recently (which, by the way, she gets a lot of, and it's genuinely cool that she takes time to read at least some of it) and happened upon an invitation to Gena Gabrielle's bridal shower in Ohio. Miss Swift has never met Gena or anything, but she was touched enough by the offer to take her up on it, all unbeknownst to Gena or anyone else at the shower. And she filmed the whole thing and posted it to her YouTube page, for good measure. Publicity stunt? Sure.

If you're into feeling old, this video ought to scratch that itch. The Fine Brothers regularly gather a gaggle of kids together to film them exploring ancient (twenty-year-old) technology, to often hilarious and sometimes profound results. This time, kids have to figure out what a portable cassette player is and how it works.