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In terms of movies definitely not in need of a remake, Scarface probably ranks somewhere right below The Wizard of Oz. Brian De Palma directed it, Al Pacino starred in it, boys put posters on their dorm room walls of it, that settles it. Except, it doesn't, because this is Hollywood, and Hollywood is in the business of wringing franchises for every last penny. And, true to form, a remake has been greenlit, which will recast the original story in modern times. Well, at least more modern than 1983, when the first one was set.

Yesterday's episode of Jeopardy! transcended (or rather, descended) the realm of gameshows into something more existential and grim. Despairing is close to the right word to convey just how sad this episode got, but it doesn't quite convey the abject patheticness achieved by the episode's glum nadir. Dystopain might be a better word. Behold, Kristin, the sole survivor of Jeopardy!'s round of questioning.