Making the Most of the Meantime

Daniel Darling writes for RELEVANT about how to spend your time while you’re in the waiting room of life.

What We Get Wrong About Advent

I am, generally speaking, an optimist. I tend to look on the bright side of…

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An Unconventional Adoption

Elora and her husband “adopted” when they least expected, then when they wanted to adopt again, they were told to wait. Through their story, God showed them what it really means to parent.

Life on God’s Time

Brittany Volpei on trusting a God who exists outside of hours and days when our own lives are enslaved by time.

What It Means to Wait on the Lord

Larissa Peters writes a blog for RELEVANT about how she learned to wait on God.

Getting Through Saturday

Brett McCracken writes a column for RELEVANT about Holy Saturday, talking about how we all wait while creation is in groaning for completion.

Waiting on God

RELEVANT founder and CEO Cameron Strang writes about waiting on God in his—and his wife’s—life.

Waiting to Serve

What is ministry? It may have been deceptively easier to define the intricacies of ministry…

Who Are We Waiting For?

My hometown of Timmins is known for two things: our notoriously cold winter weather and…

Beautiful Timing

Have you ever read Acts 3 and gotten a little jealous of that man? I…

On Waiting

As I’ve considered the idea of waiting, I’ve noticed the prominence of waiting in Scripture.…