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Unity Doesn’t Mean Conformity

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When Temptation Helps

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The Socially Acceptable Sin

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Valued and Broken—All at Once

Our columnist Kristin Tennant probes and processes the one part of the Gospel that is difficult for her to swallow—that in God’s eyes, she is of incredible value.

Confessions of a Proud Pastor

Usually when we hear about a ministry leader “falling from grace,” we assume the worst. But if sin is sin, why do we view pride as just a little lower on the scale of bad to worse?

The Good in Grief

Erica McNeal shares how the pain of trials can allow us to understand God better and share that understanding with others.

Relearning the Gospel

Lynn Snuggs writes a column for RELEVANT about how the Church has failed to accurately portray the message of God’s love, in light of our sin.

Accepting God’s Intervention

Christy Gualtieri writes a blog for RELEVANT about the show Intervention and what it can show us about God’s relentless pursuit of us and His grace.

Uncovering Our Own Trash

Andrew Wilkes writes a blog for RELEVANT about how studies about what we throw away can show us about the ways we hide our own sin.

Breaking Bad, Breaking Sin

Blake Atwood writes a column for RELEVANT looking at the TV show Breaking Bad, and what it has to say about sin and guilt.