Pope: Don’t Be a Hypocrite

Pope Francis delivered some strong words about hypocrisy at a recent mass. When discussing the…

The Bible’s Unanswered Questions

Ray Horton points out that every answer from the Bible unlocks several more questions—and why that’s OK.

Words: What are They Good for?

Tyler Lacoma writes about our preoccupation with the language of faith and how we can use words instead of worship them.

Is Feminism a Dirty Word?

Dianna Anderson writes a blog for RELEVANT about how Jesus and Scripture embraced feminism—and why the Church should to.

Keeping Our Stories Straight

Columnist Krispin Mayfield considers Christ-followers’ identity as members of the Kingdom of God in light of seeing images of war depicted in stained glass at an air force base chapel.

Past the Self-Esteem Shop

Angela Shupe writes a column for RELEVANT about reading Scripture and finding our self-esteem in who God wants us to be instead of who society says we ought to be.

The Bible – To Read Or Live?

Steve Stockman discusses living and practicing scriptures as opposed to just reading to say you have read.

Sticks and Stones

Discussing the power of simple words.