Preventable Disease

5 Ways We Can Solve the Water Crisis

I recently visited a church that sent their youth group on a scavenger hunt around…

Breathing Easy in the Slums

In the Indian slums, many women use coal stoves to cook for their families. But unclean and unvented smoke is causing serious health issues—resulting in 2 million deaths annually around the world.

Haiti, the Beautiful

Roseann Dennery, a relief worker with Samaritan’s Purse, writes a column about the face of cholera in Haiti.

Teaching the ABCs of AIDS in Rwanda

Columnist Evan Davies writes about teaching HIV/AIDS awareness to his students in Rwanda, and how their perceptions of the disease are off.

Walking Across Africa

Columnist Amy Russell explains a trip she and her friends are planning in which they will walk 7,000 miles across Africa to raise funds and awareness about the need for clean water.

Digging for Hope in Haiti

Kirk Noonan of Convoy of Hope writes about how an experience of doubting a Haitian man’s ability to successfully dig a well in an arid region relates to the organization’s mission.