The Wrong Way to Approach the Poor

There is a heartening development within the mainstream Church of late: people are starting to…

Congress Will Be Back This Month. Here’s Why Your Voice Matters

I grew up in a generation that didn’t vote. We collectively came to the conclusion…

It’s Not Our Job to Choose Who Deserves Help

My neighbors were evicted yesterday. I came home to find their worldly belongings—a couple of…

Three 16-Year-Old Girls Have Made a Huge Scientific Breakthrough

Meet Kinsale, Ireland’s Sophie Healy-Thow, Émer Hickey, and Clara Judge—all 16 years old and all…

Can Our Mental Health Care System be Healed?

Global poverty, sex trafficking, slavery, unfair wages, child labor, environmental exploitation—I’m proud to see and…

5 Ways We Can Solve the Water Crisis

I recently visited a church that sent their youth group on a scavenger hunt around…

10-Year-Old Trying to Solve Hunger By Himself Has the Right Idea

Kadin Adam, a ten-year-old from Portland, spends all week collecting cans and bottles, and uses…

Brokering Charity

It’s a great thing to give to organizations who are on the front lines serving those in need. But perhaps we also need to step out among those in need ourselves, where life gets a little more messy, and a little deeper in the Kingdom.

Are Mission Trips an Equal Exchange?

Deconstructing the common post-missions-trip phrase, “We came to serve them, but they really served us.”

The Irony of Our “Accessibility”

Columnist Will Anderson writes about a conversation he had with two homeless men that caused him to consider true accessibility versus the “accessibility” of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

God Lives at the Bus Station

Ryan Keating writes for Reject Apathy about being detained by police in Turkey for feeding the homeless at a train station

Planting Trees Is About People

For Earth Day, Aly Lewis of Plant With Purpose writes about why caring for the earth transforms the lives of people.

The Salt of the Earth (and Chocolate)

MariJean Wegert writes about sharing coffee and community with a homeless man.

Carrying Each Other’s Burden

Cathy Herholdt of World Concern writes about a meaningful donation they received from another nonprofit organization.

Uno and Math Homework on Skid Row

Rebecca Johnson writes about working with the homeless community on Skid Row and making connections with the children there.

Who Are “the Bottom Billion”?

Tony Chen of Movement121, a social innovation company working to fight extreme poverty, writes about misconceptions concerning the “bottom billion.”

A Portrait of Strength

Robb Paul writes about a man he took a photo of in India who was the epitome of strength and resilience.

Christmas Belongs to the Poor

Jeff Goins suggest Christmas isn’t really about getting everything you want.

Creating Something Better in Haiti

Emily Cavan writes about talking to Haitian women and hearing they think there’s no hope for their country—but that it must come down to creating hope.

Embracing Raw Community

Jeff Goins writes for Reject Apathy about entering into community with the homeless and not turning away when it’s difficult.

Going “Glocal”

Kelsey Timmerman writes for Reject Apathy about the idea of being a global citizen on a local level, and offers a challenge to readers.

A Hunger for Change in East Africa

Jake Harriman of Nuru International writes for Reject Apathy about how some farmers in Kenya are able to continue feeding their families even during the famine.

Caring When Your Neighbor Is an “Intruder”

Lorena Féliz writes a column for Reject Apathy about the moment her heart was changed for her country, the Dominican Republic’s neighbor—Haiti.

A Christian Budget? Pt. 1

Ambassador Tony Hall writes an op-ed for RELEVANT about the current U.S. budget crisis, particularly how Christians ought to think of a budget as a moral document.

Drugs and Displacement in Colombia

Caleb Collier writes about how a U.S. policy called Plan Colombia is destroying not only the coca plants it’s aiming for in the country, but also the crops that make up the livelihood of Colombian farmers.

Should You Give a Homeless Person Money?

Columnist Homeless Girl writes about the misperceptions behind giving a homeless person money.

One Night in the Homeless Hotel

Columnist Molly Williams writes about a friend she made while staying on the streets of Atlanta for one night, and the importance of allowing the homeless to be heard and empowered.

What’s Really Happening in Pakistan

RELEVANT talks to Christophe Lobry-Boulanger, a disaster relief expert with the American Red Cross, about the flooding and relief efforts in Pakistan.

Meeting Obama’s Neighbors

Worship artist Jeremy Willet and James Barnett, the founder of Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself, discuss spending time with those living on the streets of D.C. as well as the importance of caring for our global neighbors.

Being Close to the Hurt

Columnist Jeremy Willet writes about the importance of child sponsorship programs in Africa and Haiti. He will be posting updates from Haiti as part of RELEVANT and Convoy of Hope’s Haiti School Project.

Living Pure Religion

Columnist Lorae French writes about her impending trip to Eastern Europe to work with orphans and widows.

Always Cheer After Blackouts

Columnist Chris Foster, who lives in Cambodia with his wife, writes about how the people in his community take care of one another and don’t take things like clean water and electricity for granted.

Are We So Different from Street Youth?

Columnist Levi Rogers writes about the prevalence of street youth in Portland and how we are really no different from any of them.

Recognizing Poverty’s Face

Jarle Aarbakke Tollaksen recounts the first time he countered extreme poverty in Bolivia and how it affected his faith and how he sees the world now while working with Youth With a Mission.

Heeding Our Call

Columnist Jill Hansen describes how three homeless people changed her perception of the people she meets on the street.

A Skeptic’s View on Child Sponsorship

Columnist Evan Davies writes about an experience while teaching in Rwanda that helped him lose his doubts about child sponsorship.

Digging for Hope in Haiti

Kirk Noonan of Convoy of Hope writes about how an experience of doubting a Haitian man’s ability to successfully dig a well in an arid region relates to the organization’s mission.

Living in a Material World

Columnist Danielle Mayfield discusses Kelsey Timmerman’s book Where Am I Wearing? in light of researching sweatshops, consumerism and whether we depend on factory workers or they depend on us.

Clothing Your Neighbor as Yourself

James Barnett, the founder of Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself, writes about his experiences while traveling around the U.S. in his van and finding that neighbors can be further than just next-door.

Honing in on Homelessness

Adam Bodendieck writes about his experience collecting clothes and distributing them to those living on the streets in St. Louis, Mo.