10 Unexpected Benefits of Real Community

Here’s a story with which you may be familiar. Boy meets girl. They fall in…

Embracing Raw Community

Jeff Goins writes for Reject Apathy about entering into community with the homeless and not turning away when it’s difficult.

My Friend, the Atheist

C.R. Wiley writes about what he has learned about his faith by befriending atheists.

The Care and Keeping of (Facebook) Friends

Kent Woodyard write for RELEVANT about the nature of social media friendships and how we can be more intentional in our online and in-person relationships.

The Xx-xy Affair Vs. The Couples Culture

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Keep Track Of Your Friends

Isn’t it astounding how easy it is to lose track of our friends now that…

Communication – Honest, Regular & Clear

Have you ever tried to do something right, and it blew up in your face?…

Resolution Solutions

Ah, New Year’s Day … you’ve gotta love it. Family, food, football and fun abound.…