Seven Tips for Tough Financial Times

RELEVANT offers 7 tips to make it through this tough financial season with your sanity—and spirit—intact.

5 Money Mistakes to Avoid During the Holiday Season

Let me guess, your to holiday to-do list is 427 feet long already. The quarantine…

How the Spiritual Side of Money Adds Up

Dave Ramsey writes for RELEVANT about how our finances have a spiritual component of discipline that can trap us or help us lead a moral life.

Should Christians Make Debt Such a Big Deal?

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Blue dust-specked light streamed down from the side screens covered with lyrics to one of…

19 Quotes That Will Change Your View of Money

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My car broke down and I’d really like to get a new one. What factors should I consider in this decision?

Consider these three factors before purchasing a vehicle. First, a car should be considered transportation,…

Carrying Each Other’s Burden

Cathy Herholdt of World Concern writes about a meaningful donation they received from another nonprofit organization.

A Guide to Giving

Evan Davies writes about what to consider when giving to a nonprofit.

Tips for Saving Some Cash

The RELEVANT Magazine Graduate Guide Slices includes a piece about small ways to save big.

A Smarter Way to Do Black Friday

Rachel Cruze shares 7 ways to use money wisely and maintain sanity on Black Friday.

The Myth of Financial Freedom

Ben Stevens writes about our misconceptions of financial freedom and what Jesus would really desire us to consider with our spending.

What to Consider Before Considering Kids

Tor Constantino shares 6 important questions to determine if it’s time to have children yet.

A Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self

Brian LePort writes a letter of advice to his 18-year-old self about finances, faith, technology, relationships and what to know for the future.

How Should We Tithe?

William Walker writes a blog for RELEVANT about the need to tithe, but why that might look different than what we’ve grown accustomed to.

The Trap of More

Tone Hoeft writes about our constant desire for more and the need for intentional living.

From the Mag: 9 Months to Get Your Life Together

RELEVANT covers the transition into parenthood and getting your life together on the way.

The Idea of Home

Last year I filled out three state income tax forms. One for Minnesota, where I…

Transience: Life By The Lease

I’m living the transient life: paper-plate picnics and coffee sipped from Styrofoam cups. It’s not…

Splash In The River

Kids invent forts out of dining room tables, and fill the fort with a story.…

Plumbing Done Right

[This oratory poem was first performed at “Semiotic 2,” an annual multi-media art exhibition sponsored…