Deeper Walk

Hope In the Midst of Darkness

The world is gray again. There seems to be no point in loving, in believing,…

Finding an Adventure with Jesus

Evan Bell writes a blog for RELEVANT about finding an adventure and risking everything with Jesus.

Praying for Irrational Peace

Fear is a noose. It tightens and asphyxiates, leaving breath shallow and forced. Those who…

Fasting is More than Just a Holy Diet

RELEVANT tackles the topic of fasting, looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual results of the ancient discipline.

Don’t Forget Christmas

Recently, my little sons watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town, the classic Christmas claymation…

What Good is God?

How do I get myself into these predicaments? I asked myself as the plane left…

Finding Hope in an Answer-Seeking Society

We live in divisive political times with a future uncertain, tired of the combats on…

The Many Lessons of Ash Wednesday

RELEVANT looks at the ancient tradition of Ash Wednesday, drawing lessons from the church calendar and exploring why the day still has meaning for the church today.

Looking Up

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Righteousness—isn’t…

Beyond Image Control

The people who have it all together are the very people we don’t relate to, envy or even resent. So why do we spend so much time editing photos, carefully constructing bios and perfecting our profile to be exactly what we want others to see? And what would happen if we didn’t?

When Great Gets in the Way of Good

It’s only human to want to do something great, and make a huge impact. But where do these desires come from, and what are they getting in the way of?

Making the Most of a Breakup

Joe Terrell writes a blog for RELEVANT about the lessons he learned from a breakup—and how it was a call for him to get closer to God.

Confessions of a Bad Pray-er

Jessica Edgerton writes a column for RELEVANT about how she has tried to move from distracted prayer to a simple prayer than can change everything.

Pentecost Was Sunday?

Why Pentecost marks the beginning of new life.

The God of Cigarettes

David Bibee on smoking and other vices that rely on a creation rather than a Creator.

Jesus Is Not an Online Boyfriend

Kurt Willems on why spiritual tweets and posts are no substitute for an offline relationship with God.

“Do You Want to Be Healed?”

Jordan Davis observes how Jesus rarely helped those who did not want to be helped.

Long Watches of the Night

Crystal Loveless on sleepless nights, worry and trusting for the rest only God can give.

Doubt Saturday

Marcus Hathcock on Holy Saturday and how waiting for the resurrection builds faith.

Did Jesus Really Go to Hell?

Casey Hobbs wonders about the meaning of the claim that Jesus descended into hell and the implications of God experiencing our godlessness.

A Rustle in the Garden

Esther Baird illustrates the connection between Jesus appearing to Mary in the garden and Adam and Eve’s failure in the Garden of Eden.

How to Be a Christian Grown-Up

Aaron Justice Chung writes a blog for RELEVANT about how to grow out of the elementary school phase of faith.

Freedom From the “What Ifs”

Melissa Wilcox writes of her lifelong struggle with fear and anxiety and her journey to find peace.

Why Jesus Left Us

Richard Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., explains how the Lenten season prepares us to fulfill the mission of the gospel.

The Forgotten Half of Fasting

Lisa Velthouse shares tips for not only fasting from something this Lenten season, but fasting to something greater.

The Good in Grief

Erica McNeal shares how the pain of trials can allow us to understand God better and share that understanding with others.

Life on God’s Time

Brittany Volpei on trusting a God who exists outside of hours and days when our own lives are enslaved by time.

Surviving the Darkness

Rachel Hale shares how she came to terms with her mother’s suicide and her own personal struggle that followed.

When You Don’t Know What God Is Up To

Peter Chin shares his family’s story of church planting, cancer and trusting God when you have no idea what He is up to.

The Prayer I Meant to Pray

Zak Lantz writes about praying Your will be done instead of Could you please do it my way?

When Living in Denial is Healthy

Tor Constantino breaks down the negative connotations of living in denial and the one circumstance in which it could be good for you.

Love Your Neighbor, Know Your Neighbor

Ben Stevens shares how to make the leap from living in seclusion to engaging in community with your neighbors.

OMG, What Did You Say?

Marcus Hathcock explains what it really means to take the Lord’s name in vain.

The Bible’s Unanswered Questions

Ray Horton points out that every answer from the Bible unlocks several more questions—and why that’s OK.

Christmas Belongs to the Poor

Jeff Goins suggest Christmas isn’t really about getting everything you want.

How Advent Saved Christmas

Joy Netanya Moyal writes about how the patience and routine of the Advent season redeemed the business of the holidays.

Our Changing Spiritual Relationship Status

Erik Swenson looks at the many different ways people have of relating to God and why there is room for all of them.

When Our Idols Fall

Bret Mavrich writes a blog for RELEVANT reflecting on the recent scandal of Penn State and what Christians can learn form such a tragedy.

Counterfeit Contentment

Sarah Martin confesses the superficial stand-ins she has created for meaningful quiet time.

Surrendering the Unknowns

Rachel Decker writes about how her understanding of surrendering the future to God has changed over the years.