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Take a minute to think about the last fight you had with someone. It could…

A Guide to Texting the Opposite Sex

There is nothing more convenient than texting. With the swipe of a finger, I can…

“Hurt by the Church”

It’s a common complaint—but what do people really mean when they say they were hurt by the Church?

When You’re the One in the Wrong

K.L. Yeatman on taking the blame and seeking forgiveness.

The Value of Conflict

Akshay Rajkumar writes about meeting his wife, subverting the stereotypes of love and marriage and how conflict keeps their relationship strong.

I Facebook Creep (and So Do You)

Amanda Salmon explores the motivations for keeping tabs on former friends or lovers and how to quit creeping.

The Prayer I Meant to Pray

Zak Lantz writes about praying Your will be done instead of Could you please do it my way?

The Good and Bad of Emotions

Fabienne Harford shares about her journey to find the balance between over- and anti-emotionalism.

Thou Shalt Read

Karen Swallow Prior writes about why reading isn’t just a hobby, but an invaluable addition to our faith.

How to Welcome Unlikely Friends

C.R. Wiley writes about how he suspends judgment in order to befriend those he may not agree with.

Fighting, Family and Finding Peace

Blake Edwards writes about what it means to be an instrument of peace in your family.

The Care and Keeping of (Facebook) Friends

Kent Woodyard write for RELEVANT about the nature of social media friendships and how we can be more intentional in our online and in-person relationships.

The Realistic Guide to Love

RELEVANT looks at how to make love work at every stage of a relationship—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

10 Ways to Fail to Communicate

Chad Miller writes a column for RELEVANT about the 10 different communication methods/types that impede our ability to communicate with others.

Death to Deadly Questions

You’ve heard it said that there are some deadly questions out there, murderous vixens of…

Intentional Submission

[Speak] to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in…

Dealing With Disconnect

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A Healthy Relationship Is Not A Game

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