You Should Be Taking More Risks

Some people are risk-takers by nature, while others consistently seek the most comfortable outcome or practical solution. Of course, the right answer isn’t always the hardest, and we should deliberate the pros and cons of decisions carefully so we never walk into something naively. But we must also be willing to take action and live boldly.

Honestly, we all have something we wish we would have done or could do. Maybe you have a dream you’ve prayed about, sought council but you’re just waiting to take the final step. If so, here are three reasons you should choose the more daring path, fully aware of what could go wrong, but hoping for all that will go right.

You’ll Find Freedom.

Sometimes you need to quiet your inner critic and realize you are capable of much more than you think. You can defy odds. You can push yourself just one step further. And you can face fears or anxieties with confidence no matter how big or small the obstacle. As Christians, our strength comes from a higher power.

Life is learned by trial and error and while you’ll most likely make mistakes along the way, you’ll also learn what does or doesn’t work. Those experiences that stretch us also teach us about who we are, and that is someone wholly original.

Besides, our worth doesn’t come from our accomplishments, nor is it defined by our failures. Seek balance between being acutely aware of your flaws, or solely focused on your strengths and ask for godly discernment as you bravely move ahead. There is freedom when you know that no matter the outcome, only you can accomplish what He has called you to do, even if that looks different than what you might have originally thought.

You’ll Build Confidence.

Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t do something? Whenever we have big dreams or want to do something out of the ordinary, there is usually a naysayer who will happily talk about everything that could go wrong. Some might do it out of love because they genuinely want what’s best for us, and others might do it because they’ve always wanted to do something similar but were too fearful. Regardless of the reason, seek truth.

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While the honest opinions of those we love and trust is important, it’s equally important to remember that just because someone said it couldn’t be done doesn’t mean it’s not possible for you. God is bigger. If you feel called to something, then don’t let others dictate the outcome. With every feat, whether big or small, you’re building confidence and strengthening your faith.

You’ll Bring Hope.

As a risk taker, you’ll most likely understand how if feels to be vulnerable, meaning you’ll also be more empathetic to others’ situations and aware of how you can minister to them. Perhaps you started a business and failed, or felt ridicule because you dared to do something out of societal norms. Maybe you risked and succeeded far beyond what you could have imagined. Regardless, you have learned life lessons along the way and can similarly encourage others.

When we choose to risk we’re hoping for a better outcome, whether for ourselves or someone else we’re serving. And when we risk for His sake and not our own, then we contribute to an eternal glory that goes beyond ourselves. That sort of faith spurs an unshakable hope, one that is worth risking it all for.

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