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This Is the Future of Media: PR Agency Seeking to Hire ‘Cat Video Technologist’

London PR firm Taylor Herring understands what people want on the Internet: cat videos. The age of press releases, hard journalism and traditional marketing has officially given way to animated GIFs of cats with sour human facial expressions. In an effort to attract applicants for a viral marketing job, the agency created this faux newspaper ad that is seeking a “Cat Video Technologist.” The ad is fake, but the job is very real. They’re looking for someone who knows “why Ryan Gosling won’t eat his breakfast,” who “makes people hit the ‘share’ and ‘retweet’ buttons” and who can “spot the next breaking meme before the world wakes up.” And because cat videos are basically the single most popular thing on the Internet, this candidate had better be well acquainted with cat video technology …

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