Do Your Homework in Front of the TV

  • Mad Men — If you’ve ever watched the award-winning AMC drama, you know it’s loaded with both history lessons and social themes—perfect material for a class at Northwestern University.
  • South Park Maybe it’s offensive, but the Comedy Central hit is filled with social commentary, and prompted a course at City University of New York’s Brooklyn College.
  • Judge Judy Your aunt’s favorite afternoon court show was also studied by UC Berkeley students, if only for the purpose of identifying logical fallacies.
  • The Muppet Show UC Santa Cruz’s course “Muppet Magic: Jim Henson’s Art” explored the legacy of Henson, as well as the impact of puppetry on American culture.
  • LOST Fans of the show kept track of its literary and cultural references for years, but a University of North Florida class called “The Infinite Narrative” gave credit for it.

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