Some Giving Tuesday Organizations That Could Use Your Donations

It was 2011 when a Chicago Theater Company first came up with the idea of “Giving Tuesday” to pushback against the consumerpalooza of Black Friday and Cyber Monday — a way to try and get Americans to think about donating instead of just purchasing. Obviously, this being America, “Giving Tuesday” hasn’t had quite the same world-turning surge of market shifting importance that Black Friday does but then, when has giving ever been about popularity? It’s still a great cause and lots of good organizations depend on whatever you can spare to keep them and their work afloat.

Money is tight this year, so your ability to give may not be quite as robust as previous years — and that’s OK. Sharing these companies online raises their profile, and that’s a huge gift to non-profits as well.

Here are a few good people doing good work for important causes.

Racial Justice

Color of Change 

The nation’s largest racial justice organization is also one of the most well-connected, advocating for change at high levels for a more equitable future. 

Live Free USA

Live Free works with churches, educating and deploying congregations into communities to help fighting for racial justice at the local level.

Know Your Rights Camp

By mobilizing and educating Black and Brown communities, the Know Your Rights Camp helps people become more aware of their options in the face of injustice. 

Prison Reform

The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform 

The NICJR not only works to help change the way America treats its prisoners but also works at helping educate communities, helping prevent people from getting caught up in crime in the first place.

The Equal Justice Initiative

Bryan Stevenson (author of Just Mercy, who was played by Michael B. Jordan in the movie of the same name) has done unparalleled work in the space of reforming America’s criminal justice system. 

Innocence Project

The Innocence Project uses DNA testing to help exonerate the wrongly convicted and get people who don’t belong behind bars back out on the street.

Climate Change


350 is hard at work finding solutions to the fossil fuel crisis, ensuring a transition to renewable energy sources that protects jobs and communities. 

Natural Resources Defense Council

The NRDS is looking for 5,000 donors on Giving Tuesday to help them get to $200,000 in donations. 

Conservation International 

Conservation International has set up a special gift-matching situation for Give Tuesday, if you’re looking for a way to spread your cash a little further. 

Hunger/Clean Water

Charity: Water

See Also

One of RELEVANT’s favorite charitable organizations out there — the brand that launched a movement and is determined to make the lack of clean water a thing of the past. 

Feeding America 

Hunger has never been bigger issue for Americans during this entire pandemic than it is right now and Feeding America is doing great work meeting the crisis with boots-on-the-ground volunteers and hot meals into homes that need them.  

Convoy of Hope

Convoy is one of the most effective relief organizations in the world, blowing through their goal of providing 10 million meals in 2020 to delivering over 150 million.  


World Vision

One of the world’s most famous humanitarian aid organizations doesn’t just help keep children fed, but also makes sure they’ve got the tools and resources they need for a better future. If you can afford to sponsor one of their children, it’s absolutely something you should do. 

College Possible 

College Possible doesn’t want anyone to go without a college education who doesn’t want one and through intensive training and curriculum in low-income communities, their dream is becoming a reality. 

First Book

There’s no education like a good book and that’s something First Book aims to provide for everyone in America, helping children across the nation build their own personal library. 

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