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The RELEVANT Podcast

Ruth Chou Simons

October 19, 2021

On today’s episode, author and speaker Ruth Chou Simons joins us to discuss how we can push back on the negative self-improvement narrative. Plus, we’ve got some crazy slices about wizards, bumblebees and enneagrams. And at the end we have...

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The RELEVANT Podcast


October 15, 2021

Bear Reinhart from NEEDTOBREATHE joins us on today’s episode. Plus, we discuss the shocking news of Katie Couric editing Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s comments on RELEVANT News, the need for a rescuing duck boat and more. Stick around to the end...

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The RELEVANT Podcast

Sadie Robertson Huff

October 12, 2021

On today’s episode, Sadie Robertson Huff joins us to explore how we can live on purpose. Plus, we discuss the failed plan to spread joy with a Mike Meyers mask, the actual joy of COVID-19 deaths decreasing, and the insanity...

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The RELEVANT Podcast

Andy Mineo

October 8, 2021

Things get a little crazy on today’s episode: Andy Mineo joins us to talk about his brand new album, ‘Never Land II.’ Plus, Kristen Howerton is back! She joins us to discuss Facebook’s crazy week and hell houses, and we...

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The RELEVANT Podcast

Derwin Gray

October 5, 2021

On today’s episode, Derwin Gray joins us to discuss how we can utilize prayer to get our lives back on track. Plus, we get into what Derek’s "Rap Snacks" flavor would be, Amazon’s “Astro” robot, Kenneth Copeland’s latest attempt to...

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