A Backwards World

Christ was constantly saying things that were entirely out of order. If you want to keep living, I’ve been in your life. If someone slapped you across the face, offer them your other cheek. If you want to truly be rich, give everything away.

None of Christ’s teachings were more out of order, more backwards, then the beatitudes, the rapid shock introduction of his infamous sermon on the mount. Massive crowds had gathered around Jesus, and he has been ours touching and healing the leper’s puss-filled sores and crusted, scabby eyes of those had never seen a sunset or the hand of those dropping a few coins in their cup. He has spent his day with the rejects, the outcasts.

Most of the religious power-holders recoiled with disgust as Jesus embrace the unclean in their filth. Some adored his actions, assuming they were patronizing acts of piety

Whatever distain they harbored, it provided no opportunity to prepare them for the subversive words of Christ would speak: blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

And as if He hadn’t said enough, He didn’t stop there. The beatitudes continue with Jesus announcement that it is not only the poor, but also the emotional wrecks, the week in the routinely dismissed you are truly blessed. The helpless who are constantly stepped on and abuse receive all the luxuries of the kingdom of God.

Jesus lives in one backwards world. But, if we are honest, this is good news. This is Gospel. We are all poor in spirit. We are all weak and helpless. And if we embrace it, we find ourselves knee-deep in redemption, smothered and hope and freedom. Blessed. Crossword speak life to us. Blessed are those who have flunked out, boozed out, doped out. Blessed are you whose bodies are racked with aids, who have been fired from your job, whose marriages are falling apart. Blessed are all of you who are on the brink of despair. Blessed are all of you.

One crazy, backwards world. So backwards it would require a Savior, a cross in an empty tomb. Frederick Buechner highlighted the lunacy: “ If the world is sane, then Jesus is mad as a Hatter in the last supper is the Mad tea party. In terms of the world sanity, Jesus is as crazy as a cute, and anybody who thinks he can follow him without being a little crazy to is laboring less under the cross then under a delusion.”

One crazy, backwards world.

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Jesus, please help me to think the way you think. Give me your eyes when I look at the world. Thank you that in my brokenness, you prove your power of redemption. My hope is not in myself; it’s in you.


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