7 Leaders to Follow in 2017

From the fight for equal pay to “locker room talk,” there was a deliberate affront to women in 2016, which means the Church needs the prophetic voices of women leaders now more than ever. Here are seven you need to know (and follow) this year:

Katelyn Beaty
She’s an up-and-coming voice in evangelicalism, with bylines in ton of major publications and a new book, A Woman’s Place. She’s quickly becoming an essential voice on and for women in the Church.

Christine Caine

She’s a leader’s leader—the founder of the A21 Campaign and Propel—and her books have impacted millions.

Lisa Sharon Harper
An executive for a non-profit and columnist, Harper brings a deeply biblical perspective on race and equality.

Kirsten Powers

The USA Today columnist, CNN political analyst and author is a strong voice in the world of politics and policy.

Jo Saxton
Saxton is the author of several books. Her writings on relationships, race and the Christian life are must-reads.

See Also

Jenny Yang
She’s a VP at World Relief, author and perhaps the sharpest activist in the Church today.

Shauna Niequist
A spiritual growth-focused memoirist, Niequist’s writing provides the kind of spiritual health check we need.

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