Open Doors USA Will Let You Send Letters to Persecuted Christians Worldwide

Even in 2018, getting unexpected mail is an exciting experience. That’s why Open Doors USA’s Valentine’s Day campaign is allowing Christians throughout the country to send letters to other Christians who are living in persecution around the world.

In a recent newsletter, they wrote:


Today, we’d like to invite you to participate in a similar Valentine’s Day opportunity. Would you pause for just a few minutes to write a brief message of love and encouragement for Open Doors to deliver to persecuted Christians living in other dangerous regions in our world?

Today, as we remember persecuted Christians, would you join us in following the example of the apostle Paul who often wrote letters to churches facing crisis or need? You words today, just like Paul’s in the New Testament, could be an important encouragement to believers living out their faith in the world’s most difficult places.

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Letters can be mailed or digital, but are requested based on a set of guidelines, which includes things like writing to children who were bombing victims in Indonesia and writing to a teen who secretly converted to Christianity, among other requests.


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