Wonderful Dog Alerts Family to Abusive Babysitter

Here’s a sad story that has a very happy ending, thanks to the tireless work of the best friend a little boy ever had, the family dog. Benjamin and Hope Jordan were newcomers to South Carolina when they hired 22-year-old Alexis Khan to babysit their young son, Finn. However, Benjamin and Hope started to notice their family dog became defensive of Finn whenever Khan showed up—to the point of needing to be restrained from attacking the babysitter. The Jordans got suspicious and left their iPhone recording in the house one day after they left. Sure enough, the audio confirmed any parent’s nightmare: yelling, angry swearing and even slapping. The Jordans took the audio to the police, who promptly arrested Khan. She’s confessed to the crime and Finn is safe with his parents, all thanks to man’s most loyal pal …

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