What Happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370?

The desperately sad and very mysterious case of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has now stretched into a new week, and there are more questions now than there were when it first went missing on Friday. A few oil slicks spotted off the cost of Vietnam that were believed to be from the flight now turn out to be unrelated, and a floating object Vietnamese officials originally believed might have been plane wreckage turned out to be equally unhelpful. All told, 40 ships, 34 airplanes and nine different countries are pitching in to find clues, and the fact that they have found none suggests the flight may have disintegrated, though experts say the plane’s black box would have certainly survived.

The biggest mystery remains on-land, since two men apparently boarded the plane using fake passports, raising terrorism concerns. Officials claim to have identified one of the two men, but have released no details …

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