The U.S. Poisoned Chavez With Cancer, Says Venezuelan President

Nicolas Maduro, who took over the presidency from the late Hugo Chavez, is saying that he is “almost certain” the U.S. was behind the cancer that took Chavez’s life. Shortly after he registered to be the new president, Maduro gave a television address in which he said, “We have this intuition that our commander Chavez was poisoned by dark forces that wanted to be rid of him.”

And then, just in case that sounded a trifle hysterical, he added, “I am just saying something that is a truth, that is known.” He said he’s getting a team of scientists together to look into it. Now, it’s important to remember that the U.S. has dabbled in innovative assassination techniques in the past (the CIA once tried to take out Fidel Castro with a poisonous cigar) but it’s also important to remember that Chavez’s body has already been embalmed, which would make a genuine scientific study into the truth of Maduro’s claims a little tricky …

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