The Nightlight That Notifies You of Retweets and Emails Is Here to Ruin Your Life

Ah, sleep. The blissful six to eight hours a night when you get to recharge your mind and body, free of the world’s cares and concerns. Sleep is wonderful in every respect but one: There’s no way to know what kind of emails you’re getting and how many retweets you’re logging while you’re sleeping. Or there wasn’t. But Aumi Mini has found a way to fix all that, because we truly live in an age of endless wonders.

Aumi Mini is a Kickstarter project that is USB powered, connects to your wifi and will flicker to alert you to what is going on on the dot com while you sleep. What a miracle. Finally, a device that will truly help you sleep less. It can notify you when your wifi goes down, give you weather alerts, or just serve as a simple reminder that you once again failed to clear out your inbox and emails are a never-ending torrent.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “This sounds like a great product in every way and something I definitely want in my life, but do I really need it?” The answer is: Who cares, the Kickstarter has already reached full funding, and you have to live in the same world as the Aumi Mini whether or not you like it.

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