Texas to Hold Special Session to Vote on Abortion-Restricting Measures as Activists Debate in Austin

Today, Texas legislators meet for a special session to continue to work on new measures that could greatly restrict access to abortion across the state. A potential bill includes a provision that would make abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy illegal in the state, and force many clinics across Texas to close. On June 27, Sen. Wendy Davis conducted a 10-hour filibuster that essentially prevented the bill from being voted on by lawmakers. In response, Texas Gov. Rick Perry immediately called for the special session, which kicks off today.

Yesterday, thousands of activists and protestors on both sides of the abortion debate squared off in rallies near the Texas capital. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was the featured speaker at the Stand4Life Rally, and told those gathered, “I ask and pray you lift up these legislators … as they take a stand not against something, but for something.” Abortion rights advocates also gathered at demonstrations in Austin, concerned that the bill would too severely limit access to abortion providers …

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