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Story Behind World’s Worst Tattoo Gets a Happy Ending

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen the image deemed “The World’s Worst Tattoo”. The picture, which first surfaced online back in 2005, features a woman’s photograph next to a comically terrible tattoo portrait of it on a man’s arm. Well, it turns out, the story behind the infamous ink is actually pretty heartbreaking. The tattoo is a memorial to an unidentified man’s wife who died in a tragic fire, leaving behind her husband and three young children. Well, a tattoo artist in Ohio was so moved by the story, he offered to redo the now-famous portrait for free when the man walked into his shop late last week—and it now actually looks pretty good. Tattoo artist Scott Versago said on his Facebook page, “Now he has closure and I have an amazing story to add to my portfolio!” …

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