Steven Seagal: Master of Diplomacy

Evidently, Steven Seagal has a shocking number of high-powered international connections. But really, for anyone who has seen any of his films, this should be of no surprise. Steven Seagal is a man that you want on your side. California Congressman Dana Rohrabache told reporters that he and the Under Siege-star have discussed “thwarting radical Islamic terrorism” over the years, and it was time he, Seagal and a few fellow Representatives head over to Russia to see what could have been done to prevent the Boston Marathon Bombings. (The two Boston bombing suspects are from Chechnya, an area in southern Russia.)

Though their trip found “nothing specific,” Rohrabache said that Seagal’s connections in Russia helped make the investigation (which, once again, yielded no new information) possible. The congressman said thanks to Seagal, his diplomatic envoy was able to avoid the hassle of actually having the U.S. Embassy arrange the trip. Who needs a staff of trained, professional, federal employees organizing international trips when you have the steely-eyed face of cold hard justice willing to do your diplomacy? …

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