Southwest to Make Flights Potentially Much Worse By Including Live Music

After this summer’s numerous airplane PR catastrophes, airlines are understandably looking for ways to convince passengers that the skies are indeed friendly. That, at least, must have been the idea behind Southwest Airline’s new stunt with Warner Music Nashville, which will aim to combine the stress of flying with the irritation of listening to live music from which there is no escape.

Apparently there have been a merciful few of these shows on Southwest flights, and Billboard reports that the stunt “has only grown in popularity over the past six years, as Southwest passengers hope that their flight will be one of the lucky ones to feature a sure-to-go-viral performance.”

Notably, Billboard does not provide any source for this assessment, nor does it quote any of these so-called passengers. And if one measures the popularity of in-flight concerts by attendance, one might remind Southwest that the only alternative to listening to one of these shows is to jump out of the plane, which must surely have been a temptation.

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