Seattle Police to Superhero Phoenix Jones: No Thanks

Last year during Seattle’s May Day parade, real-life superhero Phoenix Jones was lying in wait, stealthily stalking any villains who may interrupt the peaceful gathering. So when a band of local anarchists (seriously), decided to storm the old Federal Court House in front of the crowd (no really, this happened), Jones and a fellow masked crime-fighter swept into action, driving back the fire-bomb-wielding anarchists and saving the historic landmark (we’re not kidding—it’s even on video!). But this year, the police issued a report telling officers to “restrict superheroes from … interfering with law enforcement operations.” Obviously, this isn’t sitting well with Phoenix Jones.

In a statement, he called the police chief who wrote the report a “superhero hater” and said that if a “mayday” call goes out he may even form an impromptu Justice League to battle the anarchists. “So, being a hero on accident is OK, but when you go out to be a hero on purpose, you’re bad. That doesn’t make sense.” You’re right Phoenix Jones, and you’re not alone

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