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‘Rambo 5’ Is Happening, and Nothing Can Stop It

One of the world’s greatest heroes is preparing for the glorious send off he’s always deserved. After defeating legions of river pirates, Viet Cong and Soviet soldiers with only a knife and guerrilla warfare tactics (in the paradoxically titled, Rambo: First Blood II), single-handedly ending the Russian occupation of Afghanistan (Rambo III) and saving missionaries from a fleet of Tatmadaw military fighters with his bare hands (Rambo), John Rambo is being summoned back into duty—this time to take down a Mexican drug cartel. This weekend, certified national treasure Sylvester Stallone confirmed that Rambo: Last Blood would soon be a reality, and there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop it. Stallone (and presumably Rambo) will be 70-years-old by the time the next movie hits theaters, though if anything, this only hastens the fate of the film’s unlucky, drug-dealing villains, who will not only have to fight a knife-wielding master of jungle combat, but also the cunning mind of a savage, aging warrior honed by decades of slaughtering random bad guys …

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