The Police Shot an Unarmed Man In His Car Outside His House

Roy Middleton was returning home from work on Saturday and swung by his car to grab some cigarettes when a neighbor who didn’t recognize him called the police to report a burglary. When deputies showed up, they ordered Middleton to back out of the car with his hands up. He complied, he says, and turned to face the police, and that’s when things sort of went off the rails. “”It was like a firing squad,” he told reporters from the hospital, where he’s being treated for wounds. “Bullets were flying everywhere.”

Seven shots, to be exact. Five hit the car, one hit his home where his mother was sleeping and the final one lodged in Middleton’s leg. The Florida (oh yeah, this happened in Florida, by the way) Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the event, but the sole witness to the night’s events confirms Middleton’s version of what happened. Just another reminder to be careful out there …

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