Photo Shows Muslims Protecting Church in Egypt as Congregants Attend Mass

In the last few weeks, there have been widespread, disturbing reports about attacks on Christians, who are facing persecution from radical Islamists in Egypt. Following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, Christian churches, orphanages, businesses and schools have been vandalized and looted, and there are even reports of nuns being paraded through streets like prisoners of war. But this image, tweeted by Rev. James Martin, an influential Jesuit writer, shows that some Muslim leaders are standing with Christians during the difficult time. The image (unfortunately watermarked) shows several Islamic men standing in front of a large Christian church, protecting congregants as they attend mass. The image has since gone viral, being retweeted more than 700 times. There has been some debate about how current the image is however, and even claims that since it was taken, the church was burned down …

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