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One Giant Leap For Man, One Holy Terror For Mankind

Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian adventurer/crazy person, crushed the record for the highest jump for a human on Sunday, leaping from 25 miles above the ground, out in space dressed in some sort of special suit that Redbull made for him, and falling at speeds that approached the sound barrier. Just a normal human falling at 704 miles per hour. Like some sort of party trick. Speaking of, if you ever happen to end up at a party with Felix Baumgartner, maybe just sit on your story about how you beat Halo on hard or met Madonna once for another day. He can top it. He fell from space, a perfectly insane thing to survive, but survive he did. Up next for Baumgartner, a feat even more terrifying, with far lower odds of survival: shotgunning a Redbull …

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