North Korea Discovers a Unicorn Lair, Says North Korea

North Korea’s had quite a year. Between Kim Jong Un’s wedding and his being named The Onion’s Sexiest Man of the Year, there’s just no ceiling on this country’s fortune. And now things have gone to the next level, with North Korean scientists’ discovery of a unicorn graveyard. Apparently, there’s an old North Korean myth about Tongmyong, who founded the real-life Koguryo Kingdom and is something like the Western world’s King Arthur: a real person whose feats have slowly taken on mythic proportions. Among those feats is Tongmyong’s affinity for riding on unicorns, the burial ground for which North Korean archeologists announced they’d found near the capital city of Pyongyang. Since the claim received skepticism from around the world, the government has backed off a little, saying that the word “unicorn” was mistranslated and that they’d only found the lair of a beast with a “dragon’s head, a deer’s body, the tail of a cow, hooves and a mane.” Oh. One of those

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