The Nominees for Homecoming King in This Tennessee High School Are All Winners

Fresh off Tennessee virtually sweeping the top slots in Barna’s “Most Bible-Minded Cities” survey comes this cheering tale from Unionville, Tenn. The three finalists for homecoming king at Unionville Community High School chose to instead award the crown to Scotty Maloney, who suffers from a neurological disorder called Williams Syndrome. The disorder affects his ability to learn and speak, but not to be an awesome dude who deserves be king for a day.

Jesse Cooper, who actually won the popular vote, told local news stations, “I’ve been blessed with so many things. I just wanted Scotty to experience something great in his high school days.” Not exactly the sort of sentiment you’d expect to hear from a high schooler, but then this is not exactly the sort of sad story we’re used to coming out from high schools these days. Tip of the cap to all you in Unionville …

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