Meet Muhammad ‘Musa’ Khan, Pakistan’s 9-Month-Old Criminal Mastermind

He’s been accused of staging a raid on a state-run gas company, taking out police officers and plotting the deaths of local authorities. And then, when heat was on, he vanished like a ghost. He’s Muhammad ‘Musa’ Khan, a devious criminal mastermind charged with murder and insurrection. He’s also a baby—9 months old, to be exact. Evidently, a local protest for more gasoline resulted in several police officers getting attacked (according to the police) and an inspector said that a man named Muhammad Yasin’s and his “entire family” was involved in the assault. Yasin is Musa’s grandfather, so the baby just got lumped into court with the rest of the criminal masterminds. That inspector has been fired for his blunder, but it’s too late to catch young Musa—he didn’t show up in court and is on the lam

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