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Meet the Fastest-Selling Playmobil Toy of All Time: Martin Luther

Hard to say who over at the Playmobil factory decided to make a Martin Luther toy, but that person deserves a raise. The toy was produced for the German and Nuremberg tourist boards and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, and it quickly set a new record for Playmobil toys. The little guy comes equipped with a feather quill and a tiny German Bible (No homebrew kit, unfortunately) and Playmobil sold out of their stock 72 hours after launch, leaving them scrambling to make more. “There’s quite an interest in looking back to our history,” said Astid Mühlmann, who is directing the government office overseeing the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. “Parents want to make sure their children grow up knowing who he is because he had such an impact on how society evolved in Europe” …

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