At Least 34 Migrants Drowned in the Aegean Sea This Weekend, Including Young Children

Officials from the Greek Coast Guard said that at least 34 people drowned in the Aegean Sea this weekend, 15 of whom were children. Four were only infants. According to reports, the overpacked, dangerous wooden boat had left Turkey and encountered strong weather, causing the boat to overturn. The Greek Coast Guard was able to rescue 68 people, and at least 30 were able to swim to shore. Thousands of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa have recently been making their way to Europe, many of them are refugees seeking safety from ongoing conflict in Syria. There, millions have been displaced by a years-long civil war. According to The New York Times, in 2015 alone, the Greek Coast Guard has intercepted boats carrying more than 230,000 migrants and refugees attempting to get to Europe.

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