How Many Sponsors Will the LA Clippers Lose?

The NBA is continuing to investigate the situation (and if you don’t know what the situation is, welcome to the Internet.) but in light of a tape of a recent, horrible, racist tirade from someone alleging to be Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, a few of the team’s big sponsors have already made up their minds. State Farm is, evidently, looking at their options—and LLC and CarMax have both severed ties. For the time being, the Clippers’ remaining seven sponsors—1-800Loanmart, Amtrak, Anheuser-Busch, AQUAhydrate, Corona, Virgin America, and Yokohama—haven’t made any statements about their sponsorships, but they’ll likely be forced to in the coming days.

But it’s not all bad news for the Clippers. In twisted little bit of irony, SBNation reports that Magic Johnson—whom Sterling specifically called out in his terrible rant—is rumored to be interested in buying the team …

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