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Help Make this Pizza Cake Become a Reality

It’s been a really good week for pizza. Boston Pizza—paradoxically, a chain based in Canada—has announced a new online promotion that may just revolutionize the world of the pizza. As part of its “Game Changers” initiative, they’ve posted a series of potential pizza innovations (a gas-powered pizza slicer, a pizza pocket dress shirt, a pizza car freshener and more), and are asking users to go and vote for their favorite. In return, they’re team of pizza scientists are promising to turn the highest vote-getter into an actual creation. Currently, this pizza cake, a carefully layered mound of confectionary genius, is (rightfully) dominating the competition. Boston Pizza is also using the opportunity to introduce some current innovative menu items (pizza sliders, Sriracha chicken pizza, the pizza taco and more), but this cake pizza has stolen the show. America was once engaged in the space race. Now, a new noble quest to reinvent the pizza has captured the public imagination. If Canada is able to make this pizza cake dream into reality, than pizza race will have been deservingly won by our neighbors to the north …

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