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Half of Senate Skips NSA Briefing to Leave Early for Three-Day Weekend

This whole PRISM domestic spying program is a pretty big deal. If you’re a United States Senator, you would definitely want to attend a briefing by the head of the NSA to fully explain the scope and details of the program to understand what its full impact on personal privacy and national security really is, right? After all, a majority of Senators voted for it in the first place and many said the NSA had purposefully deceived them about the program’s scope. This briefing to set the record straight is a pretty big deal. So, if you’re a Senator would you: A) Attend the briefing, ask good questions, take solid notes and fully understand the reach of this unprecedented program, or B) Pop in a Rebecca Black CD for a TGIF celebration, and blow off the meeting to leave town early for a three-day Father’s Day weekend? Considering only 47 out of 100 Senators attended the briefing, the correct answer would be B …

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