Explosions Rock the Russian City of Volgograd, Killing at Least 30

Just a day after an explosion at a Volgograd train station killed 17 people, this morning a second blast targeting a trolley killed 14 in the city. More than 60 people were wounded in the attacks. A spokesperson for Russia’s investigative agency has said that both incidents are believed to be acts of terrorism, and though no one has claimed responsibility, authorities believe it was the work of a male suicide bomber.

The blasts come just weeks before the scheduled start of the Winter Olympic Games, which are being held in Sochi, about 600 miles from the city of Volgograd. This summer, the leader of the Chechen terrorist group Caucasus Emirate released a statement, warning Russian officials that the organization would employ “maximum force” to interfere with the Winter Olympics. Caucasus Emirate is responsible for several other high-profile attacks on transportation hubs in the country, killing dozens of people since 2009 …

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