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Dad Who Admitted to Killing His Kids Goes Free

What on earth? Guy Turcotte, a cardiologist who confessed to murdering his 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter in 2009, was released from jail on Friday. Canadians, Turcotte’s ex-wife, Dr. Isabelle Gaston, and the world at large are outraged that a man who stabbed his children dozens of times could get out of jail after 46 months of confinement. A Canadian jury found him not criminally responsible due to mental illness. Turcotte says he snapped, blacked out and has no memory of murdering his children. Gaston, a physician, is not convinced. “Why don’t I accept that he is mentally ill is when I look at the facts,” she says. “We have a person that is a cardiologist that never had a psychiatric incident, not at all. I have trouble to understand how someone in five hours or six hours will do an interview of someone and have a conclusion that he is not a danger to society or is mentally insane.” Even the Canadian government expressed disapproval. “We believe that Isabelle Gaston does not deserve to live in fear of her children’s killer and neither do victims of similar crimes across Canada,” says federal cabinet minister James Moore …

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