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Coming Soon to Starbucks: Coffee Soda

Can’t decide between a fizzy soda or a warm, freshly brewed coffee for your afternoon caffeine fix? Starbucks is attempting to eliminate that dilemma with its new “Fizzio” carbonated beverages. In addition to testing out the line of “handcrafted sodas” the coffee chain is reportedly also purchasing carbonation equipment that allow will baristas to inject a little fizz into most existing beverages. In some locations, the new feature is already available—that is, if you know how to ask for it. The secret menu of soda coffees isn’t being advertised yet, but the company is banking on it becoming the next big thing. On a recent call with investors, CEO Howard Shultz said, “Carbonation. That is a new category for us. We think it’s a significant opportunity.” Yumm, milky, hot soda! …

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