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Brilliant Lawmakers in Ireland Decide to Permit ‘Moderate’ Drunk Driving

Quick—when you think of “drunk driving,” what’s the first words that come to mind? If you answered “not that big of deal,” then Kerry County in Ireland is the place for you, since lawmakers there have voted to allow police to permit drunk-ish driving in some cases. The idea, ostensibly, is that Kerry’s older residents are shut-in, instead of going out to pubs, since they’re nervous that a drive home after a few brews could lose them their licenses. And lawmakers decided that, instead of encouraging residents to not drink quite so much, the real problem is the law itself. The motion will still have to be approved by the Justice Department, but it will face opposition from Kerry’s worrywart mayor, Terry O’Brian, who fretted that the law “doesn’t make any sense” and is “incredibly dangerous” …

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