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Australian Authorities Think They May Have Found Missing Plane in Indian Ocean

Officials in Australia say that satellite images may show evidence that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which recently vanished with 239 people on board, crashed over open water. The images show what appear to be large pieces of debris in the Indian Ocean. According to CNN, though a Royal Australian Air Force plane was unable to spot any signs of Flight 370 during a surveillance fly-over of the spot, they noted that weather hampered visibility. An official from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority told reporters the images may not be the plane—and could be containers that fell off a cargo ship, cautioning that the photos “do not always turn out to be related to the search even if they look good, so we will hold our views on that until they are sighted close-up.” Malaysia’s interim Transportation Secretary Hishammuddin Hussein said that a ship from the Australian navy is “some days away” from location of the satellite image …

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