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Artist Repaints Signs for the Homeless and Gives Them a Voice to Tell Their Stories

Kenji Nakayama is a professional artist living in Boston, where he provides hand-painted logos and signs for companies in the area. But a few years ago, he decided to use his talent to serve more than just local businesses—he wanted to help Boston’s homeless community. Nakayama began creating high-quality, hand-painted signs that could replace old, cardboard signs used by members of the homeless community that were looking for help. After his work became noticed in the local New England media, he decided to try to figure out other ways to help the homeless. Now, after he paints them a new sign, he interviews them and posts their stories on a blog. Nakayama told Boston Magazine, “The signs are more about telling people why they are homeless. The bios [on the blog] are more about giving a name and a face to the homeless. Each one is a human being, and their needs are different.” If you have a moment today, reading some of the entries on the Homeless Signs blog is pretty moving …

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