Pakistan Parliament Committee Demands End to U.S. Drone Strikes

A Pakistani parliamentary committee reviewing ties with the United States demanded on Tuesday a halt to U.S. drone aircraft strikes in Pakistan, a request likely to do little to help mend a badly frayed alliance between the countries.

From the article:

A NATO attack across the border from Afghanistan on Nov. 26 killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and created a deep crisis and prompted Pakistan to review ties with the United States, a source of about $20 billion in aid over the last decade.

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Pakistan halted supplies going through its territory to U.S.-led NATO troops in land-locked Afghanistan in protest the death of the soldiers and it forced U.S. personnel off a base that had been used to launch drone strikes on militants in Pakistan’s ethnic Pashtun areas along the Afghan border.

A halt in drone strikes and an unconditional apology for the “condemnable and unprovoked” NATO attack were the national security committee’s main recommendations, its chairman Raza Rabbani, told parliament.

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