Aid Agencies Predict Government Funding to Decrease

Reuter’s AlertNet, the news agency’s social justice news site, has posted a collection of articles focusing on disaster aid, one of which calls on disaster relief organizations to invest in disaster prevention.

Forty-one aid agencies were polled on what will be the biggest issues in coming years, and 28 of the 41 said it would be climate-related disasters, like droughts and storms. Among other findings in the study, nonprofits weighed in on government funding over the next few years—and 22 predicted it will start to decrease.

According to the AlertNet article: 

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Asked about the main challenges to effective delivery of aid, many agencies cited the exploitation of aid for political ends, increasingly complex disasters, squeezed government budgets and violence against aid workers.   

Tackling these problems means raising public awareness about delivering aid according to the key humanitarian principles of neutrality and impartiality, and giving local communities more say in managing aid, some experts said.   

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