This 16-Year-Old Girl Is Seeking Justice for Her Rape

[Warning: This story may contain triggers.]

A stomach-churning case is emerging from Houston, Texas, in which a 16-year-old girl who has identified herself to the media as Jada is looking to bring justice to those who recorded her rape. According to Jada, she went to a classmate’s party and accepted a drink she did not make for herself—that’s when things went blurry. It wasn’t until weeks later when she saw videos and pictures of her own rape on social media that she realized what had happened. The recording went semi-viral on Twitter, because the Internet can be a disgusting place, spawning a hashtag, #jadapose, in users tweeted photos of themselves passed out—the way Jada was when she was raped.

Jada has chosen to go very public with this information, telling local media that since her assault was made public, she doesn’t want to hide her face. Houston police are now investigating the alleged rapist, Innel Yahia, who took to Twitter to defend his actions, until it occurred to him that passing around video evidence of him sexually assaulting a minor hurts his case, and may well constitute the distribution of child pornography. As of now, no arrests have been made, but there are allegations that Jada may not have been the only girl raped at the party …

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