113 Countries Have Greater Measles Immunizations Rates for Babies than the U.S.

The World Health Organization has released a map showing that 113 countries have higher rates of measles immunizations among 1-year-olds than the U.S. This is despite doctors’ recommendations that infants receive the vaccination before their first birthday and the widespread availability of the immunization to parents in America.

Even in much less wealthy countries like Tanzania, Egypt, Iran, Vietnam, Turkmenistan and Kazachstan, measles vaccinations are higher among this age group. A WHO technical officer explained to The Washington Post, “Measles vaccination is sometimes the victim of its own success. When disease fades from memory and living standards rise, hesitancy to vaccinate children increases.” Resistance from some groups in the U.S. who argue about the safety of vaccinations were also cited as a factor in the low rates. At least 102 new infections of measles have been reported across 14 states following an outbreak at Disneyland …

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