Watch the Creator of ‘Veggie Tales’ Explain How Systemic Racism Works

2020 does keep us all on our toes, forging all sorts of strange alliances and unlikely heroes. Among the latter: Phil Vischer. If you know him at all, it’s as the creator of Veggie Tales and voice of Bob the Tomato. But these days, he’s also doing some exceedingly great work helping educate white people about systemic racism.

Most Americans are familiar with the idea of racism on an individual level: judging someone differently based on the color of their skin. But there has been a struggle in communicating the idea of systemic racism, which is built into our institutions at a much deeper and more insidious level. In a YouTube video posted to the Holy Post, Vischer takes just a little over fifteen minutes to give a brief history lesson on how racism influenced things like homeownership and the GI Bill in ways that have profoundly influenced the modern American landscape. People who grew up on Veggie Tales will recognize Vischer’s gift for explaining complex topics with clarity, candor and conviction. It’s a really good watch.

Vischer’s gotten involved in the conversation around racism a few times in recent weeks. He also did an excellent job breaking down his own story through the lens of white privilege.

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